ATISR Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research 
is a not-for-profit researcher community based on Taiwan and serves for scholars around the world of all business and information fields. The aims of ATISR are to foster academic research by publishing international journals and organizing academic conferences. All journals and conferences are global oriented.
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Journal/Conference AbbreviationNameWebsite
[JOURNAL] MR Marketing Review 
[JOURNAL] IJECS International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies 
[JOURNAL] IJCSE  International Journal of Cyber Society and Education 
[JOURNAL] ECS Electronic Commerce Studies 
[JOURNAL] CMR Contemporary Management Research 
[CONFERENCE] NETs International Conference on Internet Studies 
[CONFERENCE] ICMS International Conference on Marketing Studies 
[CONFERENCE] ICBM International Conference on Business and Management 
[CONFERENCE] CyberBehavior International Conference on Cyber Behavior 
[CONFERENCE] ATISR International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Information Systems Research 
Showing 10 items